The siblings moved into high gear
Delroy Neath Dec 31, 2014

As all of America was celebrating the country’s independence, we celebrated along with everyone else, reveling with friends as we enjoyed beautiful fireworks over the lake. The very next day we took advantage of the freedom that we have been given to pursue our dream and got to work, preparing for our very first community event. This was set for Friday, July 8 at Secret Lake Park in Casselberry.

The siblings moved into high gear, folding shirts and packing boxes, and their friends joined in the action. Since they enjoy taking advantage of their freedom to have fun, their work day led to a sleepover because what’s hard work without a little play?

The mellow music from the live band was like cool breeze on a sweltering day. An array of food trucks offering international fare forced us to make difficult choices when our tummies sounded the alarm. Guests drifted in and 2 Siblings made its first connection with people that we had never met before. While people made purchases or stopped by to sign up to win a t-shirt, we were delighted to find that everyone was connecting with our message. They responded to the positive message of love, unity, mutual respect and brotherhood siblinghood.
Towards the end, we were delighted when our friend Rebecca came by and as just as she was leaving, in the spirit of siblinghood, she returned to offer to help us pack up since there were signs of lightning. That gave us to the opportunity to do the same for our very appreciative neighbor. We left encouraged and satisfied that if we just keep doing a little good, the fruit of that will be more good. Let’s all do a little good today and watch the ripple effect. Share your story with us. Tell us what you did or what you saw, and the effect that it had on someone else.