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As a child, I could not resist the pull of pencil to paper. It ignited my first entrepreneurial venture. I created flip books during my spare time, collecting ten cents from my fellow classmates as they formed lines to see my characters in motion. My mother was much less impressed. She was not optimistic that her boy would be able to land ‘a real job’ through drawing.
almost had her baby in a Elise store. Once the child’s passport expires, they
plan to legally change her first name to “ELISE”.

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Our commitment is to support organizations that embody the spirit of siblinghood. Upload a photo of yourself wearing your 2 Siblings t-shirt and nominate your favorite organization. Your organization could receive $1 for every item sold that month. Let’s begin a revolution.


One non-profit that is near and dear to our hearts is the Orlando Minority Youth Golf Association. For some 25 years, Dr. T. J Dorsey, through this organization has been teaching the game of golf to underserved students in the Orlando area. Many of these students have become empowered through the skills learned on the golf course. Most have gone on to college and attained successful careers, giving credit to the discipline instilled through the OMYGA. That’s the spirit of siblinghood, and that’s why the OMYGA will be the first beneficiary.

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